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Jan 21, 2013 7:00am PST
. the president, vice president, members of congress, all elected and appointed officials of the united states of america. we are here to ask blessings upon our armed forces, blessings upon all who contribute to the essence of the american spir yit, the american dream, the opportunity to become whatever our mankind, woman kind allows us to be. this is the promise of america. as we sing the words of belief, this is my country, let us act upon the meaning that everyone is included. may inherit dignitiy and inalienable rights of everyone, man, boy, and girl be honored. may all of your people, especially the least the these flourish in our blessed nation. 150 years after the emancipation proclamation and 50 years after the march on washington, we celebrate the spirit of our ancestors which has allowed us to move from a nation of unborn hopes and a history of disenfranchised votes to today's expression of a more perfect union. we are ask too, al mightily, that where our paths seem blanketed by throngs of oppression and rippled by pangs of despair, we ask for your guidance toward the light of delive
Jan 19, 2013 8:00pm PST
and a couple days of vacation, but he's going again. >> "i knew on the night that he was re-elected as president of the united states, that i wanted to return to washington to be part of this celebration." >> reporter: the last inauguration saw one-point- eight million americans braving the freezing temperatures, the crushing crowds, to witness this quadrennial moment. this year, the crowds are not expected to be as big. >> "hey, nice to see you again, welcome back." >> reporter: but still enough to fill hotels like the historic willard where steve blum says he has met seven presidents. >> "i got a fist bump from obama." >> reporter: and everyone has learned that the festivities are not really about any one person. >> "what we celebrate is that we have the greatest democracy on this planet and that we can have this transition of power, whether it be a second term or whatever, like no other country can." >> "you might not like the president, you might not like his politics, but he's the only one we have." >> reporter: theodore roosevelt, in 1905, was the first president to draw massi
Jan 18, 2013 5:00pm PST
, also to elect, george show. in the santa clara, j. r. stone, kron 4 news and route to atlanta, georgia. >> reporter: they were giving his team in thiand enthusiastic sendoff. and the beginning of the return to the super bowl. >> last year we started it and this year wheat are going to finish it. the da >> reporter: in santa clara, kron 4. >> this 13 year-old is still missing. the sheriff's officials are saying that she could believe this with her 23 year-old boyfriend. there are listing her as a possible run away. however, the mother is not actually saying that he is not a boyfriend. they believe that the talk the dollar against her will. they are passing out fliers they believe that the top-her daughter against her will the tardo order against her will. again, she was last seen yesterday morning she could be being held against her will. >> in terminal 1 at the oakland airport, the full body x-rays will soon be a thing of the past now that the t s a a's will be announcing that these new scanners will be less evasive. congress has given a june, 2013 deadline to make the change to the ne
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3